Electricity generation and consumption must be exactly balanced at all times. The objective of APG as a control area manager is to maintain this sensitive balance in Austria.

THE indicator of the quality of this equilibrium and thus of the quality of supply for the end user is the frequency of the System, which has to be close to 50 Hertz (Hz). If there is an imbalance between production and consumption, the frequency changes. For example, if a large power plant is shut down there is suddenly a lack of production in the grid and the frequency decreases. Vice versa, the frequency rises above 50 Hz when more power is generated than consumed. Because of the new installation of strongly fluctuating power generation, consisting primarily of wind and solar power, APG must intervene in balancing more often and with increasing efforts.

Publication of the system's current frequency is voluntary and does not form part of the obligations defined in Regulation (EU) No 543/2013.

Disclaimer: Please note that since the 23 January 2024, this data has become temporarily unavailable. We expect the full implementation of the required system change to be completed in the upcoming weeks. Until then, the data will remain unavailable. Thank you for your understanding and we apologise for any inconveniences caused.