Automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR)

The automatic frequency restoration reserve is activated automatically to eliminate the control area imbalance. The average values that occurred within a quarter of an hour in the APG control area are shown on this page. They are normally published within minutes after each quarter of an hour. An update for most data items is provided at a later point in time.




Further information about the imbalance netting cooperations (IGCC) shown can be found here.

A detailed description of the values in the table can be found here.

Please consider the new calculation method of setpoint-based required energy volumes (scaled nominal values) starting with 01 May 2020.

The information about decoupling of the aFRR-Cooperation Germany/Austria displayed in the visualization starts with 1 January 2017.

For historical data please use the file from the download area.


Note: Cross-zonal capacity, which has been allocated for the exchange of balancing capacity, allows for a minimum amount of exchange.