The allocation of available capacities for each border and time horizon is carried out by various entities. 

Allocation timescale Border with the APG regulation zone (Export/Import)
Czech Republic Hungary Slovenia Italy Switzerland Germany*
Long term (yearly & montly) JAO
Daily (day-ahead) SDAC SDAC JAO SDAC

*) Capacity allocations on this border started on the 01.10.2018.

Further information about auctions can be found on the websites of the respective auction houses. Allocation results are also published on the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform.

In the following table, APG publishes data according intraday allocations for the Austrian border.

The capacity for the border AT-CH is allocated trough ICS (explicit allocations). According to the Commission Regulation (EU) No 543/2013 the offered capacity is published. The data for the requested capacity and allocated capacity of the same regulation are published on the ENTSO-E Transparaency Platform.  

The data is published day ahead at 22:00 and is afterwards every 15 minutes updated with the actual values.

Border Austria <-> Czech Republic, Austria <-> Germany, Austria <-> Hungary, Austria <-> Slovenia and Austria <-> Italy

Intraday capacities at the borders AT-CZ, AT-DE, AT-HU, AT-IT and AT-SI are allocated through Single Intraday Coupling, formerly known as the XBID-system (implicit allocations). According to the Commission Regulation (EU) No 543/2013 the following data is published:

  • offered capacity

  • intraday net position (the sum of all schedules according to implicit intraday allocations)

  • congestion income (according to the continuous trading scheme, this values will be zero)

To be compliant with the requirements of the transparency regulation APG need to publish intraday cross zonal capacity values at 14:00 day-ahead (1 hour ahead of intraday cross zonal gate opening time). At that time of the day, TSOs have not yet performed their grid analysis and capacity calculation processes based on the day ahead market result. Therefore no intraday cross zonal capacity can be made available at 14:00 day-ahead.

As soon as those processes are completed APG will publish the capacities available for intraday trading. These capacities will be allocated through the XBID system starting at 22:00 day-ahead.

Further information regarding intraday allocations can be found here.