Control Area Imbalance

The control area imbalance is the Surplus (positive values) or deficit (negative values) of electrical energy in the APG control area. It equals the algebraic sum of all balancing group deviations (balancing energy). At the same time the control area imbalance is calculated from the algebraic sum of the following components:

  • Automatic frequency restoration reserve
  • Manual frequency restoration reserve
  • Unintended exchange with the Continental European synchronous Network

The average quarter-hour values of the control area imbalance and the requested manual frequency restoration reserve in MW are usually published shortly after the end of each quarter of an hour. The “operational data” illustrated is based on measured data and is not as accurate as the measurements that are used for the settlement. “Data relevant for settlement” shows intermediate measured values after initial data matching. The figures are replaced by final data relevant for settlement after matching and alignment processes with all involved partners.

Data published on the Pan-European Transparency Platform are additionally updated with a delay of two months with final settlement values. These correspond to the data relevant for settlement published on the APG website.

Starting on 01/07/2021, APG will publish an operational value in 5-min granularity close to real-time. APG points out that this is a voluntary service by APG. Should there be any system or security relevant impacts caused by market participants‘ reactions or technical issues, APG reserves the right to suspend this service.